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Business address – making the right choice

business address
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Business address is yet another consideration when you’re setting up your own small business. Do you use your home address, a PO Box or some other solution? Your business address can have a big impact on the way customers and potential customers perceive you.

There are of course legal considerations if, for example, you decide to set up any kind of limited company, such as Limited Liability Partnership (LLP). A limited company needs to provide Companies House with a registered office address. This address cannot be a PO Box, it needs to be a physical address.

Making the right decision about your business address is about more than complying with rules and regulations.

Do I need a physical address at all?

If your small business is purely based online, you may think that you don’t need to use a physical address. However, potential clients can be suspicious of doing business with someone who appears to exist only in the ether. There is a common perception that a business with no physical address, or only a PO Box number, may simply vanish without trace. It’s a matter of trust and perception of credibility.

Using home address as business address

There are several factors to take into account before you decide to use your home address. The first considerations are privacy and security. If there is any possibility of a dissatisfied customer coming to visit you, do you really want them coming to your home? In our current age of heightened security considerations, it is always best to have some kind of barrier between you (and your family) and any potential threats.

The next consideration is professional image. Using your home address as your business address can imply you are inexperienced or new to the business. Not only that, the whole image of ‘working from home’ can imply an unprofessional approach. These implications may be totally untrue, but it’s a matter of perception. In addition, you may need to hold client meetings. It’s true that you can meet clients in places such as coffee shops and other public places, but the client’s perception can be one of impermanence.

Finally, can you handle business mail and potential customer returns in your own home? This is an important consideration. If you have a dedicated space such as a separate workroom in your home for your business, incoming mail and returns may not be an issue. However, not everyone has the space to dedicate in this way.

You can rent a business address

One solution is to work with a professional organisation that can provide you with all the support you may need to run your small business, without the cost of buying or renting a real office or workplace. You can get access to a professional-looking virtual business address, and many other virtual office services. These services may include mail receipt, receptionist and secretarial help, and access to fully serviced meeting or working spaces. You can give your small business the professional image it needs to make it stand out from the rest, without the associated employment and property costs.


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